Watershed College

The #1 Preferred Vocational College



Education is a key enabler for our future generations. Through education, we ensure that our students emerge with the skills and character required for continued progress in life. We have a strong and forward-looking education system at Watershed College, guided by Christian ethos.

The Watershed Languages department offers six subjects: English, Literature (English), French, Literature (French), General Paper and Shona. All the six subjects are examinable. English is offered to all students in forms one to four. French and Shona are studied by all students in forms one and two. At form three, students can study French and Shona as options. After the IGCSE course, students can choose to do English and/or French at a level. It is a requirement that all advanced level students do General Paper. Students at this level have found this subject useful because it covers a generality of topics. The General Paper results have continued to improve; we have registered more As and Bs, thanks to our dedicated staff.

The Languages Department boasts of ten members of qualified staff. The department has enjoyed stability over the years because very few of our members have left. Resultantly, the department has managed to maintain a culture of good results and discipline. Those who have gone left behind a legacy of hard work. Our academic results have been pleasing and we aspire to do better in this regard. Our dream is to continue to enlarge our A level classes and to consistently post impressive results. As staff, we have put emphasis on excellence- providing world class service to our students. We have learnt from our mistakes and with each new term comes new ideas. We have been blessed with creative and enthusiastic staff who work as a team.

The department is in charge of public speaking, debate and drama. We realise that art is essential and that by teaching it to our students, we are teaching creativity. We are there to groom thinkers. A good number of our students have competed and won in competitions in different areas. Our role as teachers is to place Watershed on the Zimbabwe map and this is what continues to drive us. We can, with confidence and pride, assure every parent out there that if you give us your child, we will do an excellent job. Our results are there as solid testimony. We will live up to our promises and dreams.