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Education is a key enabler for our future generations. Through education, we ensure that our students emerge with the skills and character required for continued progress in life. We have a strong and forward-looking education system at Watershed College, guided by Christian ethos.

Watershed College offers IGCSE music as well as the Associated Board of the Royal Schools (ABRSM) of Music graded examinations in both Theory of Western Music and Practical. IGCSE Music is taught in class and ABRSM is offered as individual lessons. It is mandatory for all IGCSE candidates to do individual lessons in Performing.


For the past three years, the IGCSE results have achieved a C as the lowest grade. To do IGCSE Music, one should have reached Grade 5 (ABRSM; TRINITY or UNISA) Theory of Music by the end of Form 2. For IGCSE, candidates must do three compulsory components as follows: 


  • History of Western music; Baroque, Classical, 19th and 20th Century musicWorld music such as music of Africa, Japan, China, Latin America, Arab Music 
  • Analysis of western music given a skeleton score 
  • Set work for both Western (e.g. Beethoven Symphony No. 6) and World music (e.g. Music of India)


  • Sing or play one or two instruments (Western or African) as an individual. 
  • Sing or play one or two instruments (western or African) as part of an ensemble. 


  • Composition 1 
  • Composition 2 
  • The Performing and Composing components are done as course work. 


Candidates must do both the Theory and Practical components. The practical examination is done in South Africa. The College offers the following subjects up to grade eight level: Singing, Piano, Guitar, Trombone, Euphonium, Trumpet, Horn, Saxophone, Clarinet, and Recorder. 


There are a number of clubs within the music department and these are offered to any students whether or not they do music as a subject. The clubs give students the opportunity to enter the NIAA Music Festival in which Watershed has always achieved high grades since 2004. The clubs include: 

Choir, Marimba, Mbira, Brass band, Wind band, and Jazz band.


It is the main pillar of the Watershed College music activities. Music from the Choir during the Sunday procession marks the beginning of the Sunday Evening service. The worship through music and dance from the Choir has made both the Thursday and Sunday Services memorable occasions of the College. At special services such as the Christmas Carols Service at the College, the choir has been a useful component of the ritual. The generally good singing of the rest of the students has complemented the choir performances. The Marondera School Carols Concert has been an enjoyable event for the choir as they managed to join other schools in remembering the birth of Jesus Christ. Their performances of some of the choruses from Handel’s well known oratorio “The Messiah” has left the audiences thrilled. 

The Watershed College Choir is well known nationally and internationally for its renowned singing. Every year at the NIAA Music festival, the Choir has been awarded a lot of honors grades in the different types of choir categories entered. The Gospel choir has been awarded the best gospel choir cup at the NIAA Music festival for two consecutive years i.e. 2009 and 2011. The same choir under the directorship of Mr. A. Chokera and Mrs. W. Chokera has been to various churches and wedding ceremonies in Zimbabwe and countries such as Zambia, Malawi and the United States of America where their astounding performances were the centre of attraction to the media. The demand for recorded music saw the College choir recording their debut album “I Was Glad” in 2009. 


The solo, duet, trios and ensembles performances have been awesome both at competitions and concerts. The advanced Marimba band has been awarded nothing but the Honors grade at The NIAA Music festival since 2004. The Mbira band has also been awarded nothing lower than the first grades. 

The well supported “Parents’ Concert” has seen watershed parents and fans take pleasure in attending this once a year event because of these bands’ music. The Marimba and Mbira ensembles just like the Choir have been to Zambia, Malawi and the United States of America. The demand for recorded music saw the Mbira, Marimba and Jazz bands recording the debut album “Peace For Africa” in 2009. 


The Watershed renowned Jazz band has done wonders at the NIAA Music festival as well as various concerts. The hymn accompaniment that has been provided by the brass band has made our chapel services unique. The involvement of the brass and wind bands in orchestral performances both at the music camp and combined schools concerts has seen them moving to greater heights in music. The popular track number 3 performed by the jazz band on the “Peace for Africa” album has been enjoyed by many.