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Religious Instruction

Education is a key enabler for our future generations. Through education, we ensure that our students emerge with the skills and character required for continued progress in life. We have a strong and forward-looking education system at Watershed College, guided by Christian ethos.

Religious Instruction has been taught at the Form 1 and Form 2 level for many years and in the last five years it has been offered at Form 3 and Form 4 as well. The subject is not examinable, and is taught only twice in a cycle. It is, however, an important subject which aims to ensure that all who enroll as students of Watershed College have a basic understanding of what Christianity is all about.

The teachers are instructed not to evangelize, but to teach in such a way that students have a basis on which to make a choice as to whether they want to be Christians or not. 

The department comprises members of staff who are fulltime teachers in other departments and who have kindly offered to take one or two Religious Instruction classes.