Watershed College

The #1 Preferred Vocational College



Education is a key enabler for our future generations. Through education, we ensure that our students emerge with the skills and character required for continued progress in life. We have a strong and forward-looking education system at Watershed College, guided by Christian ethos.

Our ethos is based on the fact that science is a practical subject. It links a stimulated mind to be initiative and come up with creative projects.

All students get to have a practical experience from form one of at least three times a term for forms one and two. The amount increases at IGCSE and once a week for all A ‘Level students.

Our students take part in South African Science Olympiad which allows any participants who are in the top one hundred of the whole southern Africa to get a free all expenses paid trip to South Africa where they meet other science students from the SADC region. They also have industrial visits there, where they can see their science of interest being applied.

Subjects offered

We offer Biology, Chemistry and Physics at IGCSE (extended) and A’Level.
We also offer Physical Science and Combined Science at IGCSE

This enables every child who passes through our school to have a strong hands-on science base.

Our laboratory is highly equipped and is replenished on a termly basis. We have pride in our qualified teaching and laboratory technicians. Our laboratories have all safety measures.