Watershed College

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Education is a key enabler for our future generations. Through education, we ensure that our students emerge with the skills and character required for continued progress in life. We have a strong and forward-looking education system at Watershed College, guided by Christian ethos.


The Technical Department is made up of five practical subjects which are Design and Technology, Technical Graphics, Graphics and Communication and Resistant material (Metalwork and  Woodwork), Fashion and Fabrics and Art. All these subjects are offered at IGCSE Level. Design and Technology and Art are offered at A-Level. Our numbers at A-level have been increasing since 2008.At IGCSE and A-level all students are expected to do a coursework project in two terms.

Design and Technology

The Design & Technology Department of Watershed College plays a full part in the academic and extra-curricular life of the School: 

Our aim is to educate and enable students in:

  • The enjoyment of skilled practical work and achievement of excellence.
  • Safe practice in the use of tools, equipment and machinery.
  • Nurturing individual creativity.
  • Engendering analytical skills and confidence for decision making in solving problems and managing projects.
  • Understanding and using manufacturing, systems and information technologies.
  • Developing a critical awareness of the social and environmental impacts of design and technological activities.
  • Critical appreciation of design in this ever rapidly changing world.

The Technical Block was purposely built by the founders of the College and provides excellent facilities for Design and Technology, not excluding the Art Block, for Painting, Sculpture and Photography. Watershed Technical workshops are comprehensively equipped with Lathes, Milling-Machines, Drilling-Machines, work benches, tools, and equipment required for the teaching of metalwork and woodwork at all levels. In addition to facilities enabling a broad spectrum of practical work in various materials, there are Technical Graphics Drawing offices, technology classrooms and a Computer Lab equipped for Computer Aided Design. 

The Tech' Blocks' are kept open for as much of the school day as possible, throughout the week and are a popular venue for students embarking on their IGCSE projects. In addition, students have the opportunity to take part in larger scale, group projects. These have included woodwork designs, mechanical designs, and sculptures carved from soapstone or crafted from scraps of iron. They may pursue their IGCSE Projects during afternoons, evenings and weekends, assisted by specialist staff. 

There are many opportunities in Engineering. Likewise, many of Watershed's Sixth Form students have proceeded to study Architecture, Mechanical, Manufacturing or Electrical engineering at local or International universities.

Art & Design 

The Art School offers Art and Design at IGCSE and A Level and caters for students of mixed ability and a multicultural background. Over and above the timetabled lessons, the programme of activities runs during afternoons and weekends to enable all students to pursue their interests. The school provides opportunities for students to develop their talents to the full potential in readiness for tertiary education.The subject area is manned by experienced teachers with relevant degree qualifications.

Instructional methodologies include interactions with contemporary Artists and various art related Associations. The course extends to regular visits to galleries, museums and industries so as to facilitate the research based curriculum. The school is well- equipped with fully fledged Painting, Printmaking and Graphics studios. Besides Art practice, students are taught Art history and Aesthetic Appreciation of both local and World Art Histories. The department has its own library with an extensive range of current books, videos and DVD's.

The school envisages extending its curriculum to include Ceramics, Photography, Video filming and Cinematology as well as Sculpture in its various forms.