Watershed College

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The all-round education ensures that every student benefits as much as possible in the development of their skills.

The CHISZ Entrance Assessment is Saturday 10 July, 2021

Form 1, 2022 applications now in progress

Cambridge 'A' Level Pass rate for 2019 is 92% The top students are:
L. Chimutumbira (21 points) and T. Makokove (17 points)

Monday to Friday - The offices are open from 0800 -1630

Cambridge General Paper pass rate is 95%! The top student is Panashe Nyakudanga. Congratulations and well done to the students and teachers.

Gr 7 Entrance Exams, Saturday 7 July 2018 at 8:00am

Cambridge IGCSE pass rate 89%

Cambridge A' Level Pass Rate 93%.

2017 General Paper Pass Rate - 96%. Well done to Alfred Samuriwo for being the best candidate.

Float tray Tobacco seedlings for sale at Watershed College farm. Available varieties are KRK66 and KRK26.