Watershed College

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Watershed College also focuses on co-curricular and character development, service learning and socio-emotional learning.

Watershed believes in developing all round students, students who are relevant in all aspects of the society. One way in which we do this at Watershed is by making it compulsory to go for camps. It is an opportunity that also gives the students a chance to see, that interdependence is the highest level of living, as they discover that they need each other to climb the ladder of life and as a team they achieve more. Many do not have an opportunity of discovering the dynamics of relationships until they go for this camp.

Zambesi Holidays
Written By: Form 1 student

Basically the camp was all about teamwork. As soon as we arrived we went to the basketball courts.

Written By: Form 3 student

Oh Boy was Jacobs ladder tough and the sheer size of the task seemed impossible. We learnt to once again trust each other as this was a task that one could not complete on their own.

Lasting Impressions
Written By: 6th Form student

A journey into the unknown! As we arrived at 2pm we were greeted by one of the impulsive instructors, Megamind, at that moment we felt like we were in form one once again as we were confused and very much startled.