Watershed College

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Watershed College also focuses on co-curricular and character development, service learning and socio-emotional learning.

These are activities performed by the students that fall outside the realm of classes. Many of these club’s supplement and support our curriculum through informal meetings and professional mentoring.

Clubs offered are as follows:

  • Debate
  • Great Expectations
  • Quiz
  • Chess
  • Public Speaking
  • Music (Orchestra, Choir, Jazz)
  • Scripture Union
  • Weather Recording
  • French
  • Web Design
  • Peer Educators
  • First Aid
  • Electronics
  • Auto CAD
  • Computer Graphics
  • Creative Woodwork
  • Business Consultancy
  • Conservation
  • Shona Drama
  • Creative Writing
  • Darts
  • JAZ
  • Wilderness Adventure
  • Mathematics Olympiad
  • Science Olympiad
  • Chess
  • Interact
  • Leo
  • Scripture Union
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Gym

Club Reports

28 January 2019
Written By: Tariro Gumbo

The year 2018 was a very busy and productive one for our Leo Club. The Leos started the year with donating stationery collected in 2017. The stationery drive was a success since we were able to donate to our school of choice, Bromley Primary. The club has only thrived more since then. In the first term, we were able to co-host a Colour Splash Fund-Raising event with Roosevelt Girls High.

28 January 2019
Written By: Mr. Maradzike

The Environmental Management Club had a number of goals to meet at the start of the year, 2018. Upping our involvement in environmental programmes around the school especially tree planting, raising awareness in environmental issues in our community through everyone’s involvement, expanding and consolidation of the apiculture project, helping to resuscitate the waste management project, getting Watershed College to participate in UN related environmental commemorations and conducting school-wide lectures on environmental issues.

28 January 2019
Written By: Mrs S. Mamvuto

Throughout the year the club members enjoyed working with various art forms.  More craft tasks were introduced to the club this year to allow those students who are not fully inclined to rigorous drawing and painting programmes to enjoy the satisfaction of creating three dimensional objects.  Another group of students produced work targeted for the Visual Allied Arts and the Tavatose Sisonke art competitions.

28 January 2019
Written By: Sr Mandisodza

2018 has been a rather quiet year for the first aid club. The club started the year with managing the usual athletics injuries. These were the Form one standards and were uneventful as the form ones managed to do what they were expected with no hitches. Then there were other athletic events that followed. The first aid team managed to give their assistance professionally all the way.

28 January 2019
Written By: Miss Mafemba

Learning doesn’t have to end because one is out of class, Current Affairs offers knowledge of political, social and economic interests that are taking place worldwide at the current moment. The club brought together a number of schools such as Gateway, Dominican Convent, Prince Edward, St Johns High and other schools. The schools met up to discuss a number of issues with student’s personal views being aired out. Watershed hosted two forums throughout the year which were a success.

28 January 2019
Written By:

Interact Club report for 2018

Written by: Watershed Interact Club

28 January 2019
Written By:

Computer Graphics Club Report

28 January 2019
Written By:
Teacher in charge : M Moyo.
In 2018, the club consisted of seven boys, all from the Upper Sixth Form class.
The main objective of the club is to develop productive and responsible citizens who respect and efficiently utilise or manage their environment. Specifically, the boys were engaged in activities which helped them to
• manage their academic demands by efficiently allocating time to all the college activities.
• manage their social challenges both at the college and at their homes.
28 January 2019
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Life skills Club
Aim: to provide a platform for young ladies to explore, discuss and get guidance on issues relating to their developmental stage.
(i) Open to U16 girls
(ii) Create open platform for free and discussions without prejudice.
(iii) Create moral ethical code for each young lady
(iv) Encourage critical thinking and analysis of global issues and trends.
(v) Create an individual brand.
2018: activities.
28 January 2019
Written By: Mr. Mugomo
Watershed College Media Club is one of the numerous cultural clubs that are on offer for the students at the school. The club is mainly focused on bringing news to different stakeholders on the happenings that take place or would have taken place in and around the school. As such, the club creates content for the school website, newsletters and the social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Numerous articles and pictures found on the school’s virtual presence are thanks to this club.