Watershed College

The #1 Preferred Vocational College


Governing Body

Watershed College – A school that captures the rustic simplicity of the natural woodlands and whose tradition is steeped in self-discipline, self-esteem, commitment, integrity and academic and sporting excellence.

Watershed College adheres to principles of corporate governance and best practices. This ensures that the Board and management are accountable, exhibit transparency, integrity and professionalism at all times, in the running of the College

The Board of Governors appointments are made to ensure a variety of skills and expertise on the Board. The Board is supported by strategic board committees in executing its responsibilities.

College Trustee Chairman Mr T. Kumalo 
College Trustee Member Mr R. Mufuka
College Trustee Member Mrs SM. Dumont de Chassart
Chairman of the Board: Mr B. Chivaviro                                                  
Human Resources Committee Chairman: Mr F. Duri
Finance Committee Chairman: Mr B. Chivaviro
School Development Committee Chairman: Ms I. Manyowa
Agriculture Committee Chairman: Mr W. Ushe
Strategy Committee Chairman:
Mr F. Kunaka
Committee Members: Mrs F. Benzon
  Dr G. Danda
  Ms K. Nyenga
  Mr P. Timba
  Mrs M. Kapanje
  Mr K. Ncube
  Ms R. Mudavanhu

The day-to-day management of the College is delegated by the Head, Mrs F. Benzon to:

Deputy Head: Mrs M. Mugomo
Finance & Administration Manager: Mr W. Shange
Senior Master: Mr S. Marere
Senior Mistress: Mrs H. Bingepinge
Bursar: Mrs W. Maziriri
Head's Secretary: Mrs W. Benzies
School Counsellor: Mrs C. Mpande
Examinations Officer: Mr T. Mukamba