Watershed College

The #1 Preferred Vocational College



Supporting the Economy through Production and Agricultural Graduates.

Watershed College Diploma in Agriculture course was founded in 1990. The College is supported by a successful farm for practical training. It provides students with a conducive environment, where they can study to a very high standard and the opportunity to gain and to develop important life skills, enabling them to grow in confidence and to successfully progress onto Higher Education or into employment.

The College runs a viable mixed farm with enterprises that include:

  • Field crops - tobacco, maize, sugar beans
  • Horticulture - potatoes, onion, cabbages, tomatoes etc
  • Livestock - dairy, beef, pigs, poultry, fisheries, rabbits

To enhance productivity on the farm side, the College is working in partnership with other companies that include: Pioneer DuPont, Mukushi seeds and SuperFert FSG. They have demonstration and trial plots on site for the benefit of the students, to keep abreast of developments and improvements in the sector.

Watershed College also offers Agriculture as one of the practical subject options from form 1 to form 4. The students sit for the Cambridge IGCSE examinations.

The Agriculture Diploma Course (ADC) is an alternative to ‘A’ Level. Students that complete form 4 with us can easily move to the ADC. Students that join us from outside are welcome to apply and attend an interview.

Students that enrol for the diploma have boarding places available and can participate in the College sports and activities, provided they are within the age group. Mature students may attend as day scholars.

The ‘O’ Level students also have the opportunity to attend seminars and courses, in order, to enhance their knowledge. Students are allocated plots and they grow crops of their choice, under the supervision of the departmental staff. They also rear small livestock that include poultry and rabbits.

The ADC students actively participate in the farming seasons. They gain a lot of experience in the practical work. They have their own tobacco, maize and bean crops in the field crops section and also have tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables in the horticulture section.  They have hands-on experience in the production of all these crops. Also they work in the poultry, dairy, piggery in the livestock section.





The students do all the agronomic and crop protection practices expected in a tobacco crop. They reap and have the opportunity to load and off load the barns. The weighing of cured leaf and the slat packing for storage is normally an interesting exercise for the students, as they look forward to grading and marketing of the leaf.




This section has always been a joy to the students, especially the production of greenhouse tomatoes, as well as the fancy vegetables which include: the red lettuce and cabbages. These are on demand on the market as more consumers now appreciate them locally




This section has grown fast, through breeding, which is mainly cross-breeding of Large White and Duroc. Performance of the off-springs has been very pleasing with gilts in their 1st furrowing giving +/- 12 piglets.

The students conduct all operations such as cleaning, feeding, eye teeth cutting, injecting iron to piglets, notching and tail cutting etc.



This unit continues to be highly productive with broilers and layers. The students can now run such enterprises with ease. They get chances to manage broilers from day old to six weeks and administering the necessary vaccines. Students also treat sick birds with the assistance of the foreman from the section.



Fish Ponds

This section has managed to stock the Mozambican bream and the red bream. These are being fed with pig and poultry manure.