Watershed College

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Watershed is built on the fine achievements of the past and the College owes its very rich tradition to the founding parents and students.

The purpose of the Old Owls Association is to encourage and foster the interest of the Old Owls in the present day activities and aspirations of the school. And to help old students maintain ties of friendship with each other.

Memembership of the Association is open to all past pupils of Watershed College. To be added as a member please contact the Old Owls Association on email address: ooa@watershed.co.zw with a lled in data collection form.

All past generations of students have benefited from the generosity of literally hundreds of benefactors, who helped make Watershed College what it is today. The bursaries and scholarships, without which many students could not have come to Watershed, have been paid from the many showing kindness and good will. Buildings too have been funded by Trust Funds. Sarah Buckler's Legacy, under spirituality, whose parents had decided to spend their late daughter's estate on a chapel, set amongst the Blue-gum trees in the Campus grounds, is perhaps the most notable examples, but benefaction is a continuing process.

We thank the Old Owls that are in touch with the College, we appreciate their commitment. We invite and encourage more Old Owls to come and be part of the Old Owls Association. Please fill in the Data Collection form and like our facebook Old Owls page https://www.facebook.com/groups/2309820727/ to stay connected with us about events, campaigns or reunions.

Download Data Collection Form Here.

Download the Old Owls Association Constitution Here.