Watershed College

The #1 Preferred Vocational College



Watershed is built on the fine achievements of the past and the College owes its very rich tradition to the founding parents and students.

Founding Students

Back Row: Heather Chiuta, Wendy Rose, Lorranna Rahman, Edna Dembetembe, Evelyn Songore, Preti Patel, Melanie Walton, Anna Rinke, Susan Bvumbe, Juliet Chitanda, Tracy Thurlow, Shereen Chesworth, Cherie Stockil.

Second Back: Oliver Radford, Peter Smythe, Mark Soper, Shane Hein, Tarlek Patel, Justine Griffiths, Robert Wakeford, Mark Taylor, Paul Myson, Peter Lenton, Bryan Arnold.

Third Back: Christina Locovou, Patrick Driscoll, Michael Carroll, Graham Heslin, Bobby Clark, Kingsley Cummings, Kurai Chimedza, Cham Mukahiwa, Renato Fernandes, Chris Mazarura, Tapan Desai, Shepherd Njerere, Ian Mackintosh, Laurence Shackleton, Grant Readings, Paul de Klerk.

Sitting: Paula Laurent, Melanie Hinde, Melanie Blizard, Shirly Waters, Sandra Ruck, Philippa Ogilvie, T.M. Brown (Headmaster) Belinda van Niekerk, Claire Davies, Christina Whitfield, Cynthia Clark, Ancilla Mafara.

Third front: Ford Dawanyi, Kelvin Mutuma, Ronald Kanoyangwa, Lameck Kanoyangwa, Alester Ziyanga, Brian McDonald, Peter de Klerk, Benjamin Mutuku, Michael Rose, Junaid Mukadam, Andre Tasker, Charles Mazarura,

Second Front: Monique Jennings, Mandy Bowker, Memory Chimombe, Leanne Landman, Avelyn Botha, Elaine Martin, Diana Hewit, Tracy Frankham, Madeleine Taylor, Karen Odendaal, Katie More, Trudi Innes, Lucy Crawford.

Front Row: Donovan Mellet, Barry Shackleton, Glenn Nysschen, Wayne Gardiner, Steven Clark, Tendai Katandika, Marc Niederer, Jason Black, Carl Rorbye, Willie Makumbi, Dean Myburgh.

Founding Staff Members 1987

Mr L. Marowa, Mr D. Bisset, Mr S. Geach, Mr I. Banda,

Mrs S. Buckland, Mrs J. Brown, Mr T. Brown (Headmaster), Mrs S. Geach

Founders Day

Every year on the second Tuesday of the first term, we commemorate our founders. We have a chapel service, followed by tree planting. All are welcome, especially the Old Owls, to celebrate this special occasion with us.